Vegetables 101

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Vegetables 101:

In today’s society, most food is not raised or made with the intention of quality or nutrition, only with the goals of cost efficiency to the producer, mass production, and shelf life. We take in so many detrimental chemicals, on a daily basis, they are literally sprayed on the veggies that are supposed to be good for us! Yet I also cringe every time I pay an exorbitant price for fruits and vegetables that are labeled ‘Organic’.

Organic vs. Non-Organic

The organic produce market has grown very popular within the last two decades. You know “organic” has become mainstream when even Wal-Mart is carrying organic foods. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says organic sales have jumped about 20% every year since 2006. A large amount of people are willing to pay top dollar to eat what they consider to be superior products.

But what does “organic” really mean? According to USDA regulations, a product called ‘100% Organic’ must contain all organic ingredients. If the label just says ‘organic’, it is allowed a margin of 5% non-organic properties per weight.

As I did some research on this subject of the pros and cons of organic veggies, I found that some veggies are important to be eaten as close to organic as possible and some are not as important. The following fruits and vegetables are important to get organic, as they are the most popularly laden with pesticides and chemicals: Apples, Peaches, Nectarines, Cherries, Grapes, Bell Peppers, Strawberries, Celery, Potatoes, Raspberries, Pears, and Leafy Greens (such as Kale, Spinach, and Lettuce).

On the opposite side, there are veggies and fruits that aren’t so important to be organic and are usually grown with the least amount of pesticides, because they are naturally not overridden with pests: Asparagus, Avocados, Broccoli, Cabbage, Corn, Eggplant, Kiwis, Mangoes, Onions, Papayas, Pineapples, Sweet Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Watermelons.

What About GMO?

In addition to the organic discussions, you’ve probably also seen the debates on GMO seeds. So what’s the big deal about GMO? What does GMO even mean?

Here is an excerpt on GMO seeds from ‘Making Vegetables Volume 1‘ by Shoshanna Easling:

“GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Scientists have taken DNA from plants and DNA from animals, mixed them together, and created a new seed. GMO seeds cannot be saved. They are infertile or do not grow true to type when you save and plant a seed. GMO foods are in almost everything we buy at the store: soy, canola, and the list goes on. There is a lot of controversy over whether GMO foods are detrimental to our health. There is a fight to label goods that have GMO ingredients in them. Research on GMO crops is quite frightening. Check out the book Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith to learn more about GMO’s”

The Seeds of Deception book is a great place to start learning about the enormous problems with GMO seeds. It contains detailed research on GMO’s, and was helpful for me to be able to formulate an informed opinion on the subject.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to GMO seeds; Heirloom seeds! Seeds that have been passed down through the years, and are pure from any genetic alteration! Check out the Bulk Herb Store Heirloom Seed Kit Here!

To read more about what we can do to help our families get the best nutrition from Vegetables read my post here at the Bulk Herb Store Blog!

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